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Welcome to Waterford Place Condominiums

Waterford Place Condominium is more than just a convenient place to live.  It is a community consisting of approximately 10.5 wooded and well landscaped acres that is convenient to main roads, Interstates, shopping and entertainment areas.


Each of the 22 buildings contains four homes that have a separate exterior entrance and garage.  The homes have either a front and back porch or a front stoop and a balcony.  Some are flats and others have two stories.   Each home has lots of windows and is designed to look and feel like an individual home—not a condo or apartment.


Yards, trees, shrubs and green spaces are around and between the buildings. Most buildings have a wooded area behind them.  There is a creek that flows through the back of the property with trees and rocks that makes you forget you are standing in the middle of a thriving city.


Ample parking space is provided for visitors in well-lighted parking areas that are softened with trees, shrubs, plants and green areas to make them comfortably fit in with their surroundings.


The beautiful pool area has just recently been upgraded.  It has a wrought-iron fence for privacy and safety.  Residents must have a key to enter the area.


If you are looking for a beautiful place to live, check us out.  We are located on “old” Lorna Road just a block off John Hawkins Parkway (Highway 150) in Hoover, Alabama.






The Annual Home Owners Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 8th 2015 – at 6:30 PM in the downstairs meeting rooms A and B at the Hoover Library. Your current Board members are as follows:

President—Tommy Terrell
Vice President—Caryl Green
Treasurer— Janet Bullard
Secretary—Mary Murray
Landscape Liaison—Susan Barron
Mark Bentley
Cookie Gathings


Waterford Place Achievements 2014

•    Joe Ayers and Don Barnes are the representation at Red Rock Realty Group for Waterford Condominiums.
•    The pool is now a salt water pool, which requires less maintenance and is much more cost efficient.
•    New pool chairs, signs, life ring, rope, and life-saving equipment will be placed out for the 2015 pool season, as well as a canvas pool cover for the end of the season.
•    The new aluminum safety rails were sandblasted and repainted, courtesy of the safety rail manufactures.
•    A group rate for garage doors was sent out to all of the owners. Nine owners took advantage of this great deal and have beautiful new garage doors.
•    A speed bump was installed on the way down to the pool, as well as a reflective sign cautioning against speeding to protect children at play. We are very concerned about the children on bikes with traffic.
•    A very large pine tree behind unit 1921-1927 was successfully removed from the property.
•    Four light poles were replaced in common areas to provide better lighting at night. The remaining light poles were repainted.
•    Water jetting for the main lines will occur every four months, starting April, to help reduce the likelihood of future stoppages.
•    Water jetting for the lateral lines located at the pool, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 buildings was completed in March 2015.

Waterford Place Projects Currently in Progress 2015

•    A contract for the sidewalk repair has been accepted and work will begin April 20, 2015. This project was chosen by the Board to reduce safety hazards around the property.
•    Speed bumps at the stop signs are still under consideration with Hoover. The possibility of a sidewalk connecting the apartments at Waterford Landing to Lorna Road has been brought up and will be explored further.
•    EPA and ADEM have been notified of the gas fumes by the stream, which is not as intense as before.
•    There is a new maintenance fee collection procedure, instituted by the Board. Miss one month, a reminder is sent. Miss two months, a notice is sent. If no payment is made during the second month, the amount will be forwarded to an attorney to file for collection. For extenuating circumstances, owners should contact us and we will try to work with you.
•    There is a Beautification Committee being formed. It will include residents who would like to help in selecting plants, acceptable furniture, etc. and will work with the Landscape Liaison.

Please click here for Proxy and Revised HOA Rules and Regulations


Notice Lock On Garbage Door

Date: August 17, 2013

To: All Residents and Owners

Subject: Lock on Garbage Door

This is to provide you with notice that within the next two weeks, a KEY lock will be place on the garbage door up by the mailboxes. A pad lock with be placed on the bottom door in the fenced in area. You will need to use your pool entrance key that has been provided to you previously to access the garbage door. If for some reason you do not have a key, you will need to contact our Management Company Red Rock, LLC to have one provided to you.


  • These keys cannot be copied and have to come from Red Rock.
  • There is a $25.00 replacement fee.


We continue to have items placed in the compactor that should not be in there. (metal cabinets, carpet, dry wall, tile and the list goes on) The cost to replace the compactor would affect all residents. We also have people who do not live here who use the dumpster. These are some of the reasons for the change.

Once again we are asking you to only put items that have been bagged into the compactor, All other items should be placed at the location provided down by the fenced in area behind the lattice work, Those items will be picked up and discarded.

We appreciate everyone's help to make Waterford Place Condominiums a great place to live.

Thank you.

Waterford Place Board of Directors


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